Pallet, Drum Liner, Trash & Wallboard BandsIf you have a big job to do, then these are the bands for you. These ultra large bands can be used for holding drum/trash can liners, carton flaps or protective covers on a wide range of products.

Originally designed for use in the furniture industry, they have many practical uses in most any factory or warehouse. Smaller sizes are great for holding liners in office trash cans, or bundling file folders. All come in a natural rubber color.

These heavy duty industrial size and strong bands are designed to stabilize most any size load. Less need for costly plastic shrink wrap! Pallet bands are also excellent for securing pallet covers. Excellent for bundling large items such as wallboards and wood. They are also reusable and can stretch up to 300% of their relaxed size.

Pallet, Drum Liner, Trash & Wallboard BandsSimply determine your pallet size and see the chart below to determine which band is the correct one for your application.┬áIf you’re not sure which is the correct size for your need, call our experts for assistance!

More information about stock sizes below.

Pallet Band Size Chart

Part#Case pkCase wtSize
Fits Pallet SizesColor
RB 56D12 DZ 29 LB56 x 1 x .08032 x 40 TO 36 x 36 BLUE
RB 72D12 DZ 37 LB72 x 1 x .080 32 x 40 TO 36 x 36 BLUE
RB 84D12 DZ 42 LB84 x 1 x .08036 x 42 TO 36 x 48 RED
RB 92D12 DZ 45 LB92 x 1 x .08040 x 48 TO 48 x 48 RED
RB112D12 DZ 54 LB112 x 1 x .08048 x 60 TO 48 x 48 RED

Mover Band Size Chart

Part#Case pkCase wt
40A25dz 28 lbs40 x 3/4 x.063Red
50A25dz33 lbs50 x 3/4 x.063 Tan
60A25dz 37 lbs60 x 3/4 x.063Green
72A25dz 42 lbs70 x 3/4 x.063 Blue

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