Latex-Free Bands

“Bag Bands” are used for medical instrument covers and drapes. They keep the bag tight around the object.

Bands are often utilized in applications involving contact with human skin – because of this, rubber bands can be a source of allergic reaction. It is highly recommended that bands that are to be used in a medical or surgical environment or for other skin-contact applications (wrist bands, for instance) should be made of non-latex synthetic (latex-free) materials.

If you must be absolutely certain that a latex allergy reaction cannot occur, Lee Rubber Products can supply bands made of a solid synthetic rubber that does not contain natural rubber (latex). We provide our customers with a variety of latex-free bands for use in band bags, equipment covers, drape covers and other applications involving medical apparel and equipment.

These bands can be sterilized using autoclaves and irradiation. These products are not made with natural rubber latex, however they are made in a facility where latex products are produced.


The bottom line is that under most circumstances, latex reactions do not occur with rubber bands. But Lee Rubber Products will advise you about the best product/ compound for your application – that’s what we do best!



Natural rubber contains a group of water soluble or extractable proteins (sometimes referred to as “EP”) that can cause allergic reactions in the human body when contact is made over a prolonged period of time. The terminology “Latex-Free” is often used to denote items which are not made from natural rubber (latex), or that do not contain natural rubber. Often the term “synthetic bands” is used to refer to Latex-Free bands. The bottom line is that the absence of latex eliminates the risk of latex protein allergy.



Note: Lee Rubber Products will not accept liability or responsibility for the internal use of rubber bands in surgery or, in fact, for any medical application that could possibly present medical repercussions that we are not qualified to determine or account for. We will not consider, nor will our insurance cover, any liability pertaining to the use of rubber bands for internal use or for medical procedures that could result in possible negative medical effects to any person.

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