Natural rubber contains a group of extractable proteins that can cause allergic reactions for many sensitive people. For this reason, we offer custom-made latex-free bands, also referred to as “synthetic bands.”

This image shows a medical instrument covered with a protective drape. The drape is held in position by latex-free bands.

It is highly recommended that bands that are to be used in a medical or surgical environment be latex-free. We provide our customers with a variety of latex-free synthetic bands for use in band bags, equipment covers, drape covers and other applications involving medical apparel and equipment.

We can supply “latex-free” bands in a variety of flat lengths (up to 10 inch), cut widths, wall thicknesses and colors (+/- one shade from Pantone Color Guide). They are manufactured from synthetic polyisoprene, and orders are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance to your specifications. These bands are ideal for medical, lab or educational settings where sensitivity to Latex proteins is undesirable.

Latex Free bands have excellent tensile strength, high per-pound band count, soft stretch for easy application. They can be custom designed for your application and can be re-used for longer life. They meet Federal Specification AA-131-A.

If you must be absolutely certain that a latex allergy reaction cannot occur, Lee Rubber Products can
supply bands made of a type of synthetic rubber that does not contain latex. Lee Rubber Products will be happy to consult with you about your requirement and make a recommendation appropriate to your needs.

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