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  Latex-Free Bands  
Natural rubber contains a group of extractable proteins that can cause allergic reactions for many sensitive people. For this reason, we offer custom-made latex-free bands, also referred to as “synthetic bands.” 

It is highly recommended that bands that are to be used in a medical or surgical environment be latex-free.  We provide our customers with a variety of latex-free synthetic bands for use in band bags, equipment covers, drape covers and other applications involving medical apparel and equipment.

We can supply “latex-free” bands in a variety of flat lengths (up to 10 inch), cut widths, wall thicknesses and colors (+/- one shade from Pantone Color Guide).  They are manufactured from synthetic polyisoprene, and orders are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformance to your specifications.  These bands are ideal for medical, lab or educational settings where sensitivity to Latex proteins is undesirable. 

This image shows a medical instrument
covered with a protective drape.  The drape
is held in position by latex-free bands.

Latex Free bands have excellent tensile strength, high per-pound band count, soft stretch for easy application.  They can be custom designed for your application and can be re-used for longer life.  They meet Federal Specification AA-131-A.

If you must be absolutely certain that a latex allergy reaction cannot occur, Lee Rubber Products can
supply bands made of a type of solid synthetic rubber that does not contain natural rubber.  Lee Rubber Products will be happy to consult with you about your requirement and make a recommendation appropriate to your needs.

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